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Eligibility Services

Eligibility is a unique process within the revenue cycle.  We are an organization providing Patient Eligibility Services and Point of Service Operations. Our unique Advocacy process and focus on disability ensures that more patients secure benefits and reduces the facility’s need for costly collection efforts.  Let us help you by filling out our questionnaire.

Benefits of the Eligibility Services Program
Full Service screening, application completion/submission

  •  Extensive Program Knowledge and application assistance (Medicaid, Social Security Income, Social Security Disability, Medicare Duel Eligible Assistance, Crime Victims, COBRA, Newborn, Workers Comp, Liability, Nursing Home (SNF) applications, Charity, etc.)
  • Reduce amount of Uncompensated Care provided
  • Reduce Account Receivable Days
  • Increase Disproportionate Share reimbursement
  • Increase Reportable Community Benefit
  • Accelerate Medicaid Cash Flow
  • Increase application approval rate and accelerated processing times